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The world’s first non-invasive advanced therapeutic technology that harnesses the power of sound and music to reduce stress and anxiety effortlessly within 5 minutes.

Immerse yourself into a calming world of sound and music that is personalized based on your stress level and listening preferences. to:Resonate enables the listener to go on a relaxing journey by evoking emotions and forgotten memories.

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An award winning platform
that has won world wide recognition


Quality Service Award by Kaiser Permanente, Murray Schaffer Soundscape Award, McQuarrie Hunter award in chronic pain research

Publications &
Conference Presentations

European Pain Federation (Florence, Italy), Institute for Healthcare Improvement (Florida, USA), Pervasive Health (Barcelona, Spain), Functional Sound (Berlin, Germany), Health Design (Lucerne, Switzerland), Artech (Faro, Portugal), Conference on Human-Computer Interaction (Paris, France; Toronto, Canada).