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Engage your Senses

to:Resonate has been working with doctors and patients for over four years to help manage stress and anxiety using sound and technology. We create immersive experiences that require no training, and through listening and biosensing technology, we can help calm your mind and body.

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to:Resonate Services

Come and experience mind-body optimization.

Sonic Therapy

Sonic Therapy is the therapeutic application of using immersive music and biosensors for pain management, anxiety reduction and improves positive emotions.

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Transformative Awareness

A 3-week exploration into what the future version of yourself looks like and find optimal effectiveness from the inside out.

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Brain Stress Analysis

Find out how to optimize your brain to feel more resilient and energized using our real-time brain scanning technology.

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“to:Resonate created a unique experience for us, one rich with learning about how our brains work create stress and how we respond to sound..they provided a first-hand experience of the transformative possibilities of sound.” – Scott Orth

“Using to:Resonate definitely opened my mind. There are things needing to be resolved in my life. They have been a big part of my clarity and a path forward out of my maze” – James Suk