About Us

About to:Resonate

to:Resonate, founded in 2017 is a health technology company with a focus on creating immersive sensory experiences for managing chronic pain and anxiety reduction. The work stems from four years of interdisciplinary research conducted by founders Mark Nazemi and Maryam Mobini.

Mark and Maryam have used their deep understanding of sound, interactive technologies, and behavioural design to develop an effortless method of utilizing a therapeutic listening process to reduce anxiety in chronic pain patients.

The founders have worked directly with patients and doctors at health institutions in Vancouver, BC such as St. Paul’s Hospital, Fraser Health Outpatient Pain Clinic, and Vancouver Arthritis Research Center, and pain specialist clinic to conduct studies testing the efficacy of their approach.

to:Resonate’s research has been published at international conferences such as CHI, Institute for Healthcare Improvement, 8th Congress of the European Pain Federation,  Audio Mostly, and Artech.

The research has received media attention from CBC radio American News Report, and BC Business.

Our Team

Our Process

A research-based approach
Our methods of treatment are based on previous research conducted by our team or existing work that has the impact to make a difference when administered to our clients.

Engage your senses
We engage the senses using custom sonic compositions that focus on treatment goals.

Optimize your brain
Brain optimization exercises are provided that target positive habit building helping improve your brain functioning, emotion regulation, and social interaction.

Provide measurable results
Results are measured and analyzed by capturing real-time physiological changes occurring in the central nervous system and the brain.

Neuroplastic Transformation

“Optimization takes time for the mind and body to rewire itself and fulfill the treatment goals.”