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Creating Intentional Habits with Salty Series

Achieving your goals isn’t always as simple as setting them, and breaking them into smaller tasks. You’ve got to get intentional and realistic with your existing lifestyle and routine to see what might be holding you back, and what can propel you forward.   In comes, Tiny Habits – the

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YVR Young Professionals Winter Mingler – Feb 6th

to:Resonate is thrilled to, once again, sponsor the YVR Young Professionals Winter Mingler. Meet like-minded young adults doing cool and innovative things in Vancouver! Building on the success of the Summer and Fall events, this casual Winter social will attract passionate people looking to foster new connections, and is for

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Intentional Listening & Immersive Sonic Therapy

to:Resonate will be presenting a workshop on Intentional Listening which involves the active participation of an individual experiencing their sonic environment. We will learn about the relationship between listening and ambient stressors, which are one type of noise that has been well-documented to have an adverse effect on mind and

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Superhuman Summit 2017

Prepare to welcome a new chapter of Superhuman Summit, an exciting third edition for the emerging showcase that puts your enhanced well-being centre stage. In planning this year’s Summit, we have been filled with incredible wonder and curiosity knowing how quickly technologies are developing, how fast data is being collected

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Sea to Sky Summit

Big mountains. Bright minds. Fiery hearts. SEA TO SKY SUMMIT is ground zero for entrepreneurs desiring to live and work at their peak potential. Discover your personal summit towards living a healthy and fulfilled life, amplifying your business impact & thinking like a futurist. SEE THE SPEAKERS & BUY TICKETS

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Quiet Leadership: Sonic Therapy™

Introverts tend to spend a lot of time in their heads, and that sometimes can back fire if we are not conscious of a healthy balance between mind and body. Staying in the head can lead to analysis paralysis. Sonic Therapy™ helps you to slow the inner dialogue, create headspace

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