Intentional Listening & Immersive Sonic Therapy

to:Resonate will be presenting a workshop on Intentional Listening which involves the active participation of an individual experiencing their sonic environment.

We will learn about the relationship between listening and ambient stressors, which are one type of noise that has been well-documented to have an adverse effect on mind and body. Environmental conditions such as residential crowding, traffic congestion, pollution, heat, and human activity are all ambient stressors.

What we will be doing:

+ Learn to practice Intentional Listening through sound walk

+ Create your own customized listening profile based on your sensitivity to sound using to:Resonate’s software

+ Short talk on the impact of ambient stressors on mind and body

+ Conclude with an Immersive Sonic Therapy session

+ Take home the sonic therapy recording- as customized to fit your individual listening profile

Price: $60


To:Resonate, founded in 2017 is a health technology company with a focus on creating immersive sensory experiences for managing chronic pain and anxiety reduction. The work stems from four years of interdisciplinary research conducted by founders Mark Nazemi and Maryam Mobini. Mark and Maryam have used their deep understanding of sound, interactive technologies, and behavioural design, to develop an effortless method of utilizing a therapeutic listening process to reduce anxiety in chronic pain patients within 5 minutes.

The founders has worked directly with patients and doctors at health institutions in Vancouver, BC such as St. Paul’s Hospital, Fraser Health Outpatient Pain Clinic, and Vancouver Arthritis Research Center, and pain specialist clinic to conduct studies testing the efficacy of their approach. to:Resonate has been featured at international conferences such as CHI, Institute for Healthcare Improvement, 8th Congress of the European Pain Federation, Siggraph Asia, Audio Mostly, Artech, etc. and media such as CBC radio, American News Report, and GRAND NCE. It has received the Quality Service Award by the Kaiser Permanente Journal and the R.Murray Schafer scholarship for research in Soundscapes.

Mark Nazemi is a designer with a focus on interactive media technologies based in Vancouver, Canada. He completed his Ph.D. at the Pain Studies Lab at Simon Fraser University (SFU), School of Interactive Arts & Technology. Mark’s research focused on using Soundscapes as an innovative approach to chronic pain and anxiety management.

Maryam Mobini is a behavioural designer and interactive technologist focused on developing persuasive technologies to help the user reach the state of flow by curating experiences that specifically aimed at forging new habits.




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