January 24th Salt Design Co. Presents: Stay motivated with Intentional Habits

Start 2018 on the right foot by setting habits and intentional routines that will help you stay motivated and achieve your goals. Hosted by Salt Design Co.

The new year is a time of overwhelm, goals, and big-picture thinking. We’re taking it to a granular level to think about the small things that make a big change. YUP, you can still achieve your goals – but let’s do it with less of the stress!
We’ll be joined by 3 entrepreneurs for an intimate conversation on creating habits that keep you motivated (even when you’re mojo’s gone bye bye) year long.
How does it work? This isn’t any old panel talk. It’s a group conversation lead by our speakers. We’ll be asking them simple questions about their work, their experiences, and their top tips, and letting their answers guide our conversation. You’ll be able to join in, add your own tips, ask questions, and of course, get super duper cosy on those Moment couches.
Our speakers are:
Maryam Mobini is a researcher, TinyHabits behavioral designer, and mindfulness quotient (MQ) specialist. Her passion is in designing human behaviour focused on health and well-being by creating tiny positive habits to overcome our inner-critical voice. She believes our anxieties ignite from our inner negative dialogue. Working on to:Resonate has enabled her to work with clients to create headspace to “show up” from a dropped in place and teach techniques to help overcome our inner-critical voice.
Angie Coates, owner of Five15 is an inspirational leader in our kick-ass community. She’s vocal about animal rights, human rights, and staying positive at all times. She likes the little things in life, those simple pleasures, and will be joining us to share her experiences as a growing business owner that’s kicking stress and perfectionism in the butt.
Mischa Harris is a holistic health practitioner who seriously loves helping people. He looks at every aspect of health and sees how it all ties together. As part of the Movement108 team, he works with clients on building their strength, trouble-shooting their body pains, and helping them to become experts and masters of themselves.

Limited availability of tickets – food and drink included in the price!

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Date & Time
Wed, 24 January 2018
6:30 PM to 8:30 PM

Moment Meditation
#310 207 West Hastings Street
Vancouver, BC V6B 1H7

Refund Policy
Refunds up to 7 days before event





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