Sonic Therapy



Sonic Therapy is the therapeutic application of using immersive music and biosensors for pain management, anxiety reduction and improves positive emotions.


Product Description

The custom design music is based on our research conducted with patients at St. Paul’s Hospital, Vancouver Arthritis Research Center, Jim Pattison Outpatient Pain Clinic, and Dr. Squire’s complex pain clinic.
What you get in 60 minutes:
– to:Resonate’s evidence-based Auditory Sensitivity Test will be used to measure your sensitivity to different sounds
– A report that includes your frequency curve and what sounds you should avoid that can trigger stress or pain.
– A custom to:Resonate relaxation recording based on your frequency curve.
– You will receive a pre-anxiety measure before listening to the to:Resonate composition and post-anxiety measure after the treatment
– You will walk away with three tiny habits you can apply immediately to your week that would lead to positive behaviour change


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