Superhuman Summit 2017

Prepare to welcome a new chapter of Superhuman Summit, an exciting third edition for the emerging showcase that puts your enhanced well-being centre stage.

In planning this year’s Summit, we have been filled with incredible wonder and curiosity knowing how quickly technologies are developing, how fast data is being collected and how exponential the rise in personalized and proactive self care is expanding in such a short amount of time.

Featuring a diverse cast of speakers from across the globe, including the number one health podcast host on the iTunes Store, this year’s Superhuman Summit will go headfirst into topics like:

– Why sleep is so critical, and how to harmonize your circadian rhythm
– The science and application of stem-cell therapy
– Knowledge on proactive blood transfusions that science is
showing, may extend lifespans
– How we can gain the most out of the time we’re not yet using
– Grand inspiration from the superheroes that live among us
…And so much more

Tickets for this year’s Superhuman Summit are limited to just 200 and are now available for purchase. Learn more about tickets, the first release of speakers, the exciting return of the Summit Lab and more at on our website now:


Exciting Summit Lab News:

In the spirit of evolution, attendees will experience a slight improvement in how Superhuman Summit delivers the lessons you expect from the showcase. Extremely popular in 2016, The Summit Lab will shift from an open space throughout the entire Summit, to select sessions chosen during your time of ticket purchase. This will allow every attendee to take advantage of all activations within the Lab, and provide you with a dedicated window to dive deep into the hands-on, enhancing elements. Expect a much expanded Summit Lab spread, and a live stream theatre to ensure you don’t miss a favourite talk.

Tickets for Superhuman Summit 2017 are now available to reserve. Learn more about this year’s event and reserve your Summit Pass here:

For those coming from out of town, Opus Hotel will be offering a partner rate for attending guests. Catch us at for early access and information.

Join us on October 21, 2017




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